Make it a Great Day

Make it a Great Day

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I was talking with my son’s friend a while back, when I asked how he was doing. he responded “blessed”. I mockingly replied to him, yes I keep praying to be blessed nothing happens. He then responded to me, your breathing aren’t you. I was taken aback by his response and I pondered his statement for a while. His simple words hit me hard, it occurred to me, that I have been getting caught up in some adverse thinking, and making myself feel isolated. I felt like I was always trying to accomplish something, overcome a struggle or make something better. Not or rarely taking the time to be grateful for what I do have and really appreciating it. I began to think about this for a while, at first I went to the thinking, it’s the world it’s in chaos, there is no justice, there’s not a sense of fairness, and every day there is another story or stories on the news of people being cruel, etc. My negative thoughts were not my fault.  then I started to blame my circumstances, I had health issues, I couldn’t  find a job that I like, I don’t make enough money etc. In other words I was copping out! As a consequence,I seemed bitter. One of the things I always feared was becoming a bitter person. It was time to face some facts, if I was going to survive even the day. My truth is I really didn’t like what and who I had become.  When did I buy into the LIE that it’s never enough? I have allowed myself to believe negative thoughts, about myself and my world view. I was believing a bunch of BS like, I don’t have the right credentials or education,  I am not young, people don’t care, you won’t get hired because… you know the BS we tend to believe when we are buying into someone else’s values and vision. I had become what I feared the most. I had forgotten the me, I want to be. I began asking myself: Do I remember my values?  Did I forget who I was and wanted to be?  Did I forget one of my core beliefs which is: “You are who you think you are”. I think in a moment of needing a little relief from my thoughts;  I remembered a  line i liked, from the song Life During Wartime  by the Talking Heads’ the line is. I don’t even know my real name.  After listening to the song on YouTube, I thought how ironic, that I would think of a 30 year old song. Was I telling myself I was at war with myself and the world around me? I know I was signaling to myself, that I didn’t know who I am, anymore. I began to blame all the chaos in the world like politics, the terrible things happening to people, the struggles I was having at work, with money , with my husband, with my health, believe me I could go on and on with a list of everything that was wrong with me, the world, and everyone around me.  At that moment,  I thought to myself is this really me? is this type of thinking really my reality? Have I been looking at myself with some else’s lens. Had I brought into someone else’s vision and values.   What you may find humorous is in my previous job I developed a training to help people after receiving devastating or life changing news. The intent of that training was to help people to use a planning process to get back on track. We all fall sometimes, but we must remember and hold on to our spirit, Then we can find the courage to stand up and begin again.  So I pulled out that training brushed it off and added a few things that I needed so I could remember and believe again in who I am and what I valued. I got in touch with my values about me, about my work, and about the way I want to communicate. Most importantly I needed to paint a clear and well defined picture of my dream. So, I had a choice I could sit and carry on in my misery, while continuing to loose myself or I could grow from this experience.  I decided take my own training: I discovered that part of my dream and rediscovered my values that made me want to share this experience with others. My hope was that others would find the training could be used as a tool to assist them in staying focused on their values and vision. My goal is to support people in using their values and vision to create a life of production and achievement, as they define achievement. Using the process from my training, I took my goals and started to develop my action steps. I created my road map.  Toward my goal of sharing my experience and training with others as a tool, for personal growth. My first action was to open a business and name it.  I named my company LUV Solutions. LUV is: Loves’ Universal Voice. In creating my road map and actions I rediscovered some of my strengths. I then learned how and built a website to host the training in an online course. During my discovery process, I remembered many years ago, I had taken classes and received a “master life coach” certificate. I then developed a coaching model to support people in focusing and following their dreams. Therefore,in addition to offering the training/class, I now offer the services of a Personal Development Coach. After all in my previous leadership roles, I would use a coaching style when appropriate. Focused coaching is one of my strengths. Accordingly, i could use this resource to met my goal.  Couldn’t we all use a little coaching sometimes, to remember who we are, what we value, where we want to go. Coaching helps regardless if you learn how to internally coach yourself or you hire a coach.

When times/life feels off kilter, or out of whack, when you are feeling lost, or when something life changing happens, it is often  a good time to examine your current road map, I received a tremendous gift in my interaction with my son’s friend: I was given the opportunity to get my act right.

 I’ll leave you today with a little entertainment from the Talking Heads. Enjoy!

Make it a great day.

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