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Organizational Capacity Building

Organizational capacity is “the ability of an organization to fulfill its vision and mission through a blend of sound management, strong governance, and a persistent rededication to assessing and achieving results.”

Is your organization ready for your next level of success?

Readiness check:

Human Resources: Amount of staff, Quality of each member, Skills and experience. Are you utilizing their strengths? Physical and material resources, Information Resources, pool of knowledge, databases Intellectual Resources.


LUV Solutions Ambassadors’ have over 35 years of expertise in finding solutions for organizations that want to cultivate success and sustain their growth. We have worked with a variety of organizations from an array of business perspectives.  A few examples of these diverse perspectives are: government funded agencies, sales and service, retail, and social services.

Our solution focused services encompass:

Development of your vision and goals

Assessment of current resources

Development goals

Plan Development with timeline specification

Key Performance Indicators

Tools to track growth

Evaluation of adherence to plan

Recommend Plan Adaptations

Client, FYRT Testimony:

LUV Solutions developed a plan and worked with us to take our organization from a non-revenue generating, volunteer organization; working out of my garage. To a nationally recognized and sought after organization, generating revenue to support paid staff and 15 years of growth.