Bi – Weekly or Weekly Sessions

Monthly/Quarterly Service Subscription 

1)Bi-weekly sessions –Telephone Conference Call.

  • Monthly Cost $126.00
  • Quarterly Cost $285.00

2)Weekly sessions – Telephone Conference Call

  • Monthly Cost $271.00
  • Quarterly Cost $650.40

3)Bi-weekly – Chat room sessions

  • Monthly cost $120.00
  • Quarterly cost $279.00

4)Weekly – Chat room sessions

  • Monthly cost $265.00
  • Quarterly cost $644.00

One Time Service Sessions

1)Plan Development

One time session with your Personal Strategist. Building capacity, and development of your Personal Strategic Plan. Cost $188.50

2)Personal Branding

Your Personal Strategist, will partner with you though a guided process that will develop your plan to communicate your vision & values. Giving you your prescribed image or the impression of the you, you want to be. Cost $225.00