Instruction Guide

This guide provides you with a planning process to articulate a clear vision of who you are and where you want to go. The guide aids to identify your values, and abilities. It than models how to incorporate daily strategies focused on your pursuit of the you, you want to be.

The guide includes instructions and fill in pages. You may download and either print to hand write your thoughts or fill in on your device. The guide is available in PDF or Word.

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Live Instruction Session

If you sometimes or often feel lost, and directionless. Or often find yourself thinking I should be doing something else, you’re not alone. Many people drift feeling unsure. LUV Solutions’ Guide can change all of that by helping you really focus and figure out your true purpose. The guide is the ideal way to plan out the small, manageable steps you need to take so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the scale of the journey. However sitting alone with the instructions doesn’t work for everyone. LUV offers different opportunities to create your plan.  Perhaps a live session with others is the right method for you.

This is a 2 hour live training session with others. This class offers a guide training session with a minimum of 10 maximum of 25 participants. This sessions offers you step by step instruction of each section of the process and completion of your guide and daily plan You will be offered an opportunity to ask questions via chat functions. Plan documents will be sent via email, prior to your session.

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Individual Session – Guide Development

Perhaps the method best suited for you is to have an individual phone session with a coach. The coach will provide you with expert instruction to aid you in creating your plan. At the end of this session you will have your completed plan and be ready to implement it!

Bi weekly Maintenance & Evaluation Sessions

Once you’ve worked out what you want and need from your life, maintenance and evaluation sessions are here to help you get clear about your specific goals and keep you focused on what’s really important. It is challenging implementing new daily strategies into your life. It’s also easy to feel daunted by your vision, it may feel too big and out of reach, or you may feel its ok to be put off by mundane distractions, A coach will help you break everything down and get focused on each individual step along your journey.

Requires a minimum of 4 sessions which are inclusive in the price.

Monthly Maintenance & Evaluation Sessions

Monthly sessions are a great option for those of you that prefer to do a quick, plan, do, check session.